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The Swarovski Phone Case Selection

Shop our Swarovski phone case collection with an extra touch of sparkle at Joshua James Jewellery. All of our Swarovski crystal phone cases add a stunning detail to the practical phone case. Swarovski, the well-loved jewellery brand that incorporates crystals in all of its products, has made their own line of phone cases that protect but look beautiful too. Each Swarovski phone case is designed to add a touch of glammer to every outfit and every day. While looking the part, these hardback phone cases are extremely effective when keeping your phone from experiencing wear and tear too.

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Swarovski crystal phone cases offer shock-proof protection for your phone while adding a dash of sparkle to your daily life. The phone cases come in some sizes and are compatible with several phones. For instance, a Swarovski phone case for iPhone 11 and onwards ensure that your phone is kept snug and scratch-free with everyday use. Swarovski phone cases for iPhone XRs come in various colour palettes, meaning you'll definitely find one you love in our collection.


While our Swarovski phone case selection is growing, we also stock stunning crystal figurines by Swarovski and several pieces in our Swarovski jewellery collection. What sets Swarovski crystals apart from generic crystals is that they are made out of a form of glass that's created through a special patented process. This allows them to be closer compared to Diamonds as opposed to crystals. Swarovski phone cases put true precision and polishing into every single one of their pieces to achieve the glisten you all know and love.