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2022 Wedding Trends: Themes, Dresses & Bridal Jewellery Ideas

Do you know that many of the predicted 2022 wedding trends are steering away from ostentatious affairs with lengthy guest lists, and instead, are leaning into less boozy gatherings, and offering a boho vibe? Although right now it’s impossible to say for sure, there is a chance that your wedding won’t be taking place next year. Why not consider a small-scale affair that incorporates some of the most popular wedding trends for 2022, and if you and your partner would like, you can plan a more extravagant wedding with all of your long-distance friends and family for a later date!

With this in mind, we’ve decided to cover some of the key wedding trends for 2022, along with some of the most popular wedding dress trends that we expect to see in the new year. Of course, we’ll also be giving our expert recommendations on how to pick wedding jewellery to match your dream dress! Read on for our coverage of the most popular and unique wedding themes for 2022. 

Wedding Themes for 2022

Nature lovers, rejoice: many of the most popular wedding trends for 2022 look to embrace the great outdoors, often with a charming and memorable twist. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, it’s possible to put a luxurious spin on any of these nature-inspired wedding themes. Just make sure you have arrangements in place in case the good old English weather decides to play up at the last minute!

The wedding decor trends of 2022 will consist of earthy tones that incorporate the natural beauty of our planet, and here’s how you can introduce this into your special day:

Desert Chic

It’s certainly one of the more interesting wedding trends for 2022: the “desert chic” theme is perfect for the boho bride, offering a unique way to incorporate the outdoor lifestyle into your ceremony. 

But how can I have a desert-themed wedding in the UK? I hear you ask. Well, the fact is that you don’t need an epic desert landscape and baking heat to recreate this particular theme. You don’t even need sand! The real heart of a desert chic wedding lies in the decorations. Weave cacti into your floral arrangements and bridal bouquet, throw in some bohemian cushion seating, adorn tables with earthy gemstones and handcrafted touches. And really focus on your colour scheme: you’ll want to develop a warm palette of rustic colours such as champagne and dusty rose mixed in with bold pops of terracotta. 

desert chic

Although you don’t necessarily need a desert wilderness setting for this wedding, finding a location could still prove tricky. Ideally, you want an area that feels isolated from civilisation, in order to create a more intimate and “deserted” atmosphere. A tipi can be a fabulous way to stay on theme, while also ensuring some protection from the elements if the weather takes a turn for the worst!


The rustic theme presents a more traditional and timeless interpretation of the outdoor wedding. A 2022 wedding trend that is perfectly suited to the natural beauty of the UK, think of lush, rolling green landscapes and strong garden or farm-like influences. Simply put, a rustic wedding is all about paying tribute to the great outdoors, so location really is key.

Popular venue options for rustic countryside weddings include farms and barns, so you’re sure to be spoiled for choice! If you live in a rural area, you may already have a perfect setting in mind which is close to home; those of you living in the city may need to spend a little more time researching! 


For any indoor portions of your wedding, you can embrace this theme by adding plenty of nature-inspired touches to your decor, including organic materials and textures such as wood and natural flora, as well as neutral toned elements. Rustic weddings also tend to be quite casual in nature; you can create a relaxed atmosphere with touches like cosy fireplaces, handcrafted table decorations and blankets if it gets chilly. 

English Cottagecore

Love the hit show Bridgerton? Well, why not decorate your wedding to encompass this elegantly dated aesthetic that poses blue hues and lace. The regency period drama has set a new wedding trend for weddings for 2022, especially now that a new series will be released the same year. Think blue pastels, lacey gowns, chic gloves and trailing wisteria as a backdrop for scrumptious afternoon tea.

eBay has even reported a 205% rise in searches for puff-sleeved wedding gowns- we told you!

Untitled design 2021 12 14T145817.055

This feminine wedding theme for 2022 adds a luxurious touch to the day. While we love the dated look, you can always combine it with a contemporary vibe through mesh and lace structured dresses and Tiffany-blue accents.

Bright & Bold

This 2022 wedding trend is sure to be huge – with the fashion industry continuously focusing its attention on bright reds, hot pinks and emerald greens, we are beginning to see this injected into the wedding industry.

Whether you use colour in your bouquet or you decorate your tables with floral centrepieces and bold placemats, a bright and bold wedding will be the in-thing in 2022. While we did mention the toned down rusticity of neutral tones from the outdoors, vibrant colours will be at the other end of the spectrum.

Brides, in most cases, don’t always like to express their own personal style through their dress, keeping it traditional and white. That’s why their theming gives them an opportunity to push the boat out with all colours of the rainbow.

Untitled design 2021 12 14T150516.051

While Pantone determines the trending colours for each year, we expect to see purple and pink tones throughout Spring 2022, however, in Summer, we are excited to see olive shades and creamy yellows.

2022 Wedding Dress Trends & Bridal Jewellery to Match

Have any of our wedding themes caught your eye? Once you’ve settled on a theme, you can keep this in mind when choosing your dream wedding dress!

As many of 2022’s wedding trends embrace themes of nature, personalisation and distinctly bohemian vibes, it only seems natural that this has had an influence on the wedding dress trends for 2022. But if you aren’t too worried about the dress and more the day itself, don’t worry – renting dresses is a massive trend for the new year, offering more affordability to your day too!

Let’s take a look at the most popular wedding dress styles that have used the top 2022 wedding trend colours along with our advice on how to pick bridal jewellery to match!

Rented Wedding Dress

Carrie Symonds, Boris Johnson’s recent bride was scattered all over the press as she expressed that her wedding gown was rented! The ivory silk dress by the renowned designer Christos Costarellos’ RRP is just under £3,000, but to rent the beauty, it was only £45!

This wedding dress trend of 2022 is going to set new standards for the bridal industry; as well as open up businesses to new means of profit. As an ethical revolution, we will see brides hiring their dresses while guests hire suits and outfits for the big day too. With a growth spurt of nearly £700m for online clothing rental over the next four years, we expect this wedding trend for 2022 to stick around.

While hiring suits has always been known, this eco-conscious way of planning your outfit for a wedding is one that’ll appeal to brides who want to make a difference too. Especially when it costs you a fraction of the price of buying one!

Our top bridal jewellery picks for this wedding dress style:

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Shaun Leane Rose Gold Vermeil & Pearl Cherry Blossom Talon Earrings
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Two Pieces

Hitched recorded that searches for two piece wedding dresses bumped up to 176% in 2021. This wedding dress trend is one that we expect to stick around, especially as it compliments the boho wedding trend beautifully. This type of wedding gown is both modern and feminine, especially when designed in the traditional sense of a wedding dress. What’s more, like with having separate dresses for different parts of the day, brides have been swapping out the overskirt for trousers during the reception so that they can dance the night away.

Minimalism has been massive throughout the past couple of years, which is why simple two pieces with bold accessories is the way to go for brides who are choosing to steer away from the traditionalism of weddings.

Untitled design 2021 12 15T095422.416

Designers are becoming more and more creative with their designs of wedding gowns; pushing the boundaries of wedding trends from 2019 and injecting an Avant-guard style into the mix instead.

Our top bridal jewellery picks for this wedding dress style:

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Ball Gowns

Untitled design 2021 12 15T102750.613

Prefer to keep it classic? You can’t go wrong with a traditional white wedding gown in regal style, complete with billowing skirts and a show-stopping silhouette. Your wedding is possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wear this style of dress, and is perfect for bridges looking to make a grand entrance! In addition, the ball gown style of wedding dress is incredibly versatile, suited to both traditional and less conventional wedding themes. 

What jewellery you wear with this wedding dress is entirely up to you. We would suggest keeping it glamorous but understated, perhaps a pair of classic diamond earrings paired with a matching solitaire pendant; or if you really love the traditional look, why not opt for some timeless pearl jewellery?

Our top bridal jewellery picks for this wedding dress style:

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Statement Outerwear

This wedding trend of 2022 will certainly be a hit for those who are planning a Winter wedding. Say goodbye to the cold and accessorise your dress with bold coats and jackets to make your outfit pop even more. With the unpredictability of the English weather, you can stay cosy and dry on your big day.

We’re talking white leathers, faux fur coats, sleek and structured blazers and vinyl trenches; any type of statement outerwear to catch the eyes of your guests. But, what would a dress and jacket combo be without bold accessories to finish off the look perfectly?

Our top bridal jewellery picks for this wedding dress style:

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Shaun Leane Sterling Silver Rose Thorn Bangle
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Browse our full collection of bridal accessories here at Joshua James for plenty more ideas on what wedding jewellery to wear on your special day! And remember, even if your wedding gets delayed this year, it just means that you can make the most of this extra time for planning using these wedding trends of 2022. You can choose your dream wedding dress and matching bridal jewellery at any point, and if you fall in love with any of the most popular 2022 wedding trends in this article then you can still incorporate these at a later date. Make sure to check out our blog post on how to take the perfect engagement ring selfie and our complete guide to wedding rings – for plenty more stuff to keep you occupied while you wait for your wedding day!

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