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Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Rings

If you’re reading this guide with everything you need to know about wedding rings, I can only assume that congratulations are in order! This is such an exciting time, and I know from experience that there is so much more to planning a wedding than you first think. But one important detail that is often misunderstood and left until the eleventh hour is ordering the wedding rings. As one of the items you’ll keep with you forever, it’s a decision you should spend a lot more time on. Fear not, we’re here to explain everything you need to know about buying wedding rings to reduce the stress of choosing and buying wedding rings. (Things I wish I knew before I got married – long before joining Joshua James!)

When to order wedding rings?

Order them earlier than you think! Any good-quality wedding ring is not a mass-produced piece of jewellery! They are handmade to order, bespoke to suit you and your hand, so you can’t just choose an off-the-shelf ring with next-day delivery. We recommend that you choose your wedding rings 6 to 8 months (at the latest) before the big day. This gives ample time for your wedding rings to be made to order, without you having any stress that they won’t arrive in time for your wedding day.

Image shows a bride and groom toasting with ther wedding rings in view.

There are countless variables when it comes to choosing a wedding ring; size, profile, thickness, metal, textures and finishing touches etc. (I’ll also keep a running tally of how many variables there are). This is why often wedding rings are handmade to order, especially if you are looking for a more bespoke ring.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to choose your wedding ring.

How To Choose Your Wedding Rings

What size wedding rings should you choose?

The first thing to understand before choosing your wedding ring is your wedding ring size. This is hopefully the most obvious of the variables we’ll go through in this blog. Your wedding ring has to fit comfortably and stay on confidently. If you don’t already know your wedding ring size, you can use a plastic ring sizer to measure the width of your finger at the base. Once you have an idea of the size, you should head instore to test rings in that size. The ring should feel tight over your knuckle and sit comfortably on your finger.

However, measuring your finger yourself is not as reliable as actually seeking advice from an in-store professional. At Joshua James Jewellery, we can help measure your ring size for you to ensure you have an accurate fit. Why not book an appointment for one of our wedding ring consultations?

(26 sizes/variables so far)

Did you know?

Most wedding rings are lost whilst swimming, in many instances on the honeymoon in the first two weeks, which is why getting the right sized ring is so important! We highly recommend insuring your wedding rings, and you can do so with our trusted supplier T.H. March.

Which metal to choose for your wedding ring?

When choosing the colour/metal, consider your preferred metal of everyday jewellery. Your wedding ring will become an addition to your everyday accessories, so in theory, you’ll want your wedding ring to compliment your existing jewellery. The chances are, your skin tone and general preference will arrive at that same conclusion.


Platinum presents the most durable and luxurious option if you’re looking for a metal that will retain its shine for years to come. A naturally white, cool-toned metal that will not fade or tarnish with time. Platinum is particularly popular with men and those in hard-wearing roles.

Yellow Gold

A classic choice for jewellery which offers warm and rich hues. Yellow Gold wedding rings are a very traditional choice for men and are growing in popularity as yellow gold jewellery rises in popularity.

White Gold

A modern-day favourite. Its rhodium plating creates a bright white finish that catches your eye. However, remember when you buy your white gold wedding ring, it will require re-plating frequently to keep that bright white finish.

Rose Gold

The rose gold renaissance has now extended to wedding and engagement rings. This metal carries a beautifully feminine rose tone, perfect for those with a vintage style or those who favour something a little unique.

(26 sizes x 4 metals = 104 variables so far)

How to choose your wedding ring bandwidth?

Most wedding rings consist of a simple band that may or may not be engraved* (*we’ll get to that). But in terms of the style that you decide on, it’s important to consider the width of your band as different widths suit different sizes and shaped hands. The width of the band refers to the thickness of the band itself.

Generally speaking, men tend to favour a wider band, averaging 6mm, while women opt for a slimmer band of around 3mm.

We recommend that if you have broader fingers, choose a wider and thicker band to keep the attention on the ring. For narrower fingers, we advise opting for a thin band so that your ring doesn’t cause too much of a statement.

(104 x 8 band typical widths* = 831 variables so far – my maths isn’t out we’ll get to that next)

What is a wedding ring profile, and which should you choose?

So far, we’ve talked about wedding rings/bands as all being the same, but the classic wedding ring is available in different profiles. The profile directly refers to the shape of the ring’s cross-section. Most wedding ring profiles are available in 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm widths except for the bevelled edge, which is available from 2.5mm upward, as the bevelled shape requires extra depth. So what is each wedding ring profile, and which should you choose?

Court Wedding Rings

Offering the perfect mix of comfort and classic style, court wedding rings present softly rounded edges on the inside and outside of the band. The court-shaped wedding ring is one of the most popular and traditional wedding ring profiles, and this is no surprise given how comfortable the cut is.

Image shows a court wedding ring

Bevelled Edge Wedding Rings

Available in a range of widths and metals, this style showcases a flat outer profile with a distinctive bevelled edge. Thanks to its distinctive and masculine shape, it is one of the most popular styles for men.

Image shows a bevelled edge wedding ring

D-Shaped Wedding Rings

The name ‘D shaped’ comes from the cross-section resembling a D. Its curved design also combines comfort and compatibility with an engagement ring. With the flat inner, the D-shaped band sits closer to the skin than the flat court.

Image shows a d-shaped wedding ring

Flat Court Wedding Rings

This particular style offers a comfortable fit with a contemporary feel – rounded on the inside and outside like the traditional court, but has flat sides and a less domed profile.

Image shows a flat court wedding ring

Cushion Wedding Rings

The traditional shape of cushion-cut rings combines a square cut with round sides for a slick, timeless design.

Image shows a cushion cut wedding ring


A word to the wise:

Pick the profile you find the most comfortable. I opted for a flat court but find it a little snaggy. It scratches the gear stick when I drive, and playing the guitar is impossible. With eight years of hindsight, I wish I’d have gone for a Paris or rounded flat profile to be flusher to my finger.


(831 x 7 profile variants = 5817 variables of the plain band)

Choosing the right wedding ring weight

The weight refers to the profile’s height – obviously, the thicker the profile, the more metal used, thus the heavier the ring. But this is measured in Millimetres, not in Grams. Except for D-Shaped Profile in 2mm & 2.5mm width, we offer three weight options, Light (1.4mm), Medium (1.8mm) & Heavy (2.3mm)

Choosing a bigger weight will increase the cost of your ring due to more metal being used, so this is something to keep in mind when selecting the weight.

(831 x (3 weights x 7 profiles – the 2 D-shaped) = 39,057 variables of the classic plain band)

Textures and Finishing Touches For Wedding Rings

I stated “there are countless variables” in the intro and then counted 39,057 variables. But they are only the number of variables for a classic band. However, there are more ways to create a completely unique wedding band, and this is where the options become literally uncountable. If you have an idea of how you want your wedding ring to look, we can add a texture or detail, engraving or any customisation to it. This excludes the Bevelled edge profile.

How about a 6mm court profile with a satin texture? Or a rounded flat profile with a satin texture plus bright cut edges? Or a frosted Paris, or a hammered effect, or a hammered effect with a frosted texture? Considering the 30+ finishing options we offer, we are literally well over a million ring variables, without counting the mix and match options we can offer on the finishes. It can be unique and 100% bespoke to you by featuring your design. Our job is to supply you with the ring(s) you want and deserve, which is why we offer endless choices when it comes to choosing your wedding rings.

Shaped Rings and Diamond Set Wedding Rings

A myriad of shaped and decorative rings also exist to fit aside a diamond engagement ring. Or even diamond set wedding rings and diamond set shaped wedding rings. Again, there are too many variables to list here, plus the 4Cs to consider too.

Image shows two wedding rings, one as a diamond set wedding band.

We have many shaped ring designs available to look at, from the simple yet bold Atalanta ring to the timelessly elegant Valentina, set with seven shimmering diamonds. But again, with so many variables and styles to consider, you’re best off speaking to us, and we can design you and your partner your perfect wedding rings.

To summarise how to choose your wedding ring:

  • Get the right size – our advisers will measure you up correctly
  • Pick a metal
  • Check out what bandwidths suit your hand
  • Try on different ring profiles and weights – get the right balance between comfort and aesthetic preference
  • Make it your own – choose a finish or add a personal touch

Get inspired.

Your wedding ring is a big part of your life that will last considerably longer than your wedding day, but rarely are they given the same level of thought and detail as the table decorations or flower arrangements. Have a good look on Pinterest for wedding ring inspiration; you may see something you haven’t thought of, like his and her matching pieces or a pattern that suits your style and personality. There is no limit to what can be done!

So given how many variables there are when it comes to wedding rings, that’s why we offer them as handmade-to-order pieces and highly recommend you order your wedding rings 6-8 months before your big day! To really get the best insight and experience when choosing your wedding rings, book in for one of our bespoke wedding ring consultations with our ring experts today!

Now that you have your rings sorted and in safe hands, good luck sorting out the bridesmaid’s dresses – you’re on your own!

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