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Mothers Day Personalised Gifts With JJ

Mother’s Day is more than a worldwide celebration. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the role of a mother and how that has contributed to the person you are today. Whether you’re a mum yourself, are soon to be or are lucky enough to have a role model of your own, Mother’s Day isn’t specific to one person. 

Even if none of the above applies, a figure you look up to is more than enough to celebrate. In this post, we have chosen jewellery items that resonate with the mother figures in our lives and will talk you through why we have selected each piece to commemorate the bond that we share with them.

Continue reading to find out more about the meaning behind our choices and gain further insight into the best-personalised Mothers Day gifts from Joshua James!

Maybe we will inspire you on your next Joshua James purchase!

Our Jewellery Picks for Mum

Ellie ClarkMarketing Manager

Why have you chosen this piece?

There’s nothing my mum loves more than a chunky silver bangle which is why UNOde50 was the obvious choice for her gift. I chose the feather specifically, not only because it’s beautiful but also because feathers hold a beautiful meaning, symbolising strength. My mum’s gone through a lot in the last couple of years, and it has shown me what a strong and powerful woman she is!

What makes a mother a mum, in your opinion?

They’re always there. Whether it’s a simple question about how to cook your favourite meal or something a lot more important, you can always count on Mum.

Katie Sayer – Social Media Executive

Why have you chosen this piece?

My mum loves bold pieces mixed with organic shapes, which is exactly what UNOde50 does best! Their pieces definitely match her style, so I know she could wear these earrings with everything; they’re effortless but still a statement piece. 

What’s your fondest memory of your mum?

There are so many! I get my sense of humour from her, so my favourite is just the little day-to-day moments of being silly together. We can always count on each other to make one another laugh! 

Alicia Ding – Digital Marketing Apprentice

Why have you chosen this piece?

I have chosen this lovely ChloBo piece for my mum because ever since I was a little girl, my mum has always taken me to see the elephants at Chester Zoo. After all, she kindly adopted them all. Elephants are her favourite animal, and I know she would love this piece!

How would you describe your and your mum’s relationship?

My mum is my best friend, and I’d be lost without her. We have a solid relationship, and we bond like no other. Most people say we are literally the same person!

Shannon Mugford – SEO & Content Executive

Why have you chosen this piece?

I have chosen this piece because it reminds me of both my mum and my nan. Loving birds and all other creatures is a passion all three of us have always shared. I just know how much this piece would mean to my mum, reminding her of her wonderful mum and the special bond we will always have.

What does your mum mean to you?

It’s difficult to put into words just how much my mum means to me. Taking on the role of both my mum and my dad, she has done nothing but provides for me and nurture me since the day I was born. Never giving up on my dreams, always ensuring I text her when I get home and being that shoulder to cry on, even when I’m in the wrong. ‘She means the world to me just doesn’t cover it!

Becky Harding – PPC Manager

Why have you chosen this piece?

My mum loves the simple things in life; her jewellery pieces are usually simple and elegant with a touch of luxury. My mum exclusively wears white gold and, like most, can’t resist a bit of sparkle, making these the perfect accessories for her. 

Would you say your mum is your role model?

Definitely, my mum has faced many struggles in life, but she always comes back stronger than before. She’s always the first to celebrate your successes and is a shoulder to cry on when times get tough. She’s the rock of our family and the type of person everyone should aspire to be. 

So, What Are The Best Mother’s Day Gifts?

The question is, what is a Mothers Day personalised gift? A bunch of flowers? A spa day for the two of you? There are so many options available, but it’s about deciding on a gift that she’ll know you’ve put thought into.

That’s why you can’t go wrong with jewellery. A jewellery piece is unquestionably a very personal gift to give. It can be worn daily, becoming a staple in every outfit, and it can even be engraved with a special message that speaks to mum on a deeper level. 

So, we have put together a few of our top choices for personalised Mother’s Day gifts, keeping the momentum as strong as ever!

Mother’s Day Personalised Gifts

When you design a jewellery piece through engraving, you add that special and meaningful touch that makes it unique and personal to the wearer. For Mother’s Day, it’s the perfect time to share a thoughtful message with your mum, a message she can carry with her for years to come. Here are our best Mothers Day gifts personalised to your liking:

joshua james precious 9ct yellow gold family tree pendant p18367 51225 medium
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold Family Tree Pendant

The family tree is a widely known concept that symbolises all relationships within a family. So, it doesn’t get much more personal than a family tree tailored to your own.
fiorelli silver cz engravable octagon locket p22344 67266 medium
Fiorelli Silver & CZ Engravable Octagon Locket

A locket, a timeless pendant style, not only holds style in its exterior, but its interior holds meaning. Find your favourite photo of you and mum, and print it out to the dimensions of this locket so that she can keep you with her wherever she goes.
joshua james signature 18ct gold vermeil cz engravable cosmic spinner pendant p22603 68360 medium
Joshua James Signature 18ct Gold Vermeil & CZ Engravable Cosmic Spinner Pendant

This engravable Cosmic Spinner Pendant is not only eyecatching but it can be interpreted in so many ways. The crescent moon is known to represent fertility, optimism and new opportunity. A wonderful concept that acts as a gift that keeps on giving.
joshua james signature silver engravable love lock pendant p22605 68369 medium
Joshua James Signature Silver Engravable Love Lock Pendant

Much like the traditional locket, this love lock symbolises a bond or type of love that cannot be undone. Locked forever, yours and your mum’s relationship cannot be tampered with, which will be proven with this neckpiece.

Colourful Mother’s Day Jewellery

If you’re still looking for Mother’s Day personalised gifts, what about something that has a pop of colour? As Mother’s Day is during Springtime, it’s only apt that you brighten mum’s mood and days with a jewellery piece that uses vibrant metals and complimentary gemstones in her favourite colours. Not to mention, incorporating creatures such as the dragonfly, a creature that encourages us to have faith in ourselves, can give your mum that much-needed inspiration.

While it’s not physically personal through a message, it offers meaning through its intentions. Here are some of our most precious colourful Mother’s Day jewels:

unode50 gold plated swarovski crystal happy blue ring p21262 62221 image
UNOde50 Gold Plated & Swarovski Crystal Happy Blue Ring
joshua james radiance silver turquoise enamel dragonfly locket p12852 31799 medium
Joshua James Radiance Silver & Turquoise Enamel Dragonfly Locket
nomination paris classic rose gold plated rectangular pink dial watch p11194 27423 medium
Nomination Paris Classic Rose Gold Plated & Rectangular Pink Dial Watch
thomas sabo paradise dragonfly necklace p15076 33450 medium 1
Thomas Sabo Paradise Dragonfly Necklace

Sacred Trees Pendants

Last but not least, we have our Sacred Trees Collection. Comprising of 13 pendants that coincide with the Celtic calendar, those born under each tree are said to hold certain personality traits. For instance, in The Alder Tree (March 18 – Apr. 14) people are ‘trailblazers’. They have charisma, and confidence and are extremely goal-focused.

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Mother’s Day Personalised Gifts From Joshua James

Are you inspired when looking for the Mother’s Day personalised gifts from Joshua James? As the Joshua James team has, we recommend thinking about your purchase beforehand. Why are you choosing this piece specifically? What will it mean to your mum? Check out all of the best Mothers Day gifts at Joshua James to find the perfect personalised gifts for mothers day.