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Sagittarius Birthstone & Star Sign: Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a piece of jewellery to commemorate a friend or relative’s birthday, then why not choose an item that symbolises their star sign? A piece of zodiac jewellery is the perfect unique gift to offer someone you love and here at Joshua James, we feature a number of designer accessories that are sure to impress.

As the next star sign to come into transition, we take a closer look at the Sagittarius birthstone, the ninth astrological sign of the Zodiac.

Key Facts about the Sagittarius Star Sign

Dates: November 22 – December 21

Symbol: Centaur/Archer

Element: Fire

Personality Traits: Cheerful, Adventurous, Friendly, Outgoing, Bold, Carefree

Interests: Freedom, Travel, Outdoors

What is a Sagittarius like?

Ruled by Jupiter, the happy planet, a Sagittarius is always cheerful and friendly. Often larger than life, a Sagittarius exudes confidence and is one of the more outgoing signs in the Zodiac. A love of new experiences means that they are happiest in wide-open spaces, with plenty of opportunities for adventure.

Friends and hobbies are often in abundance with a Sagittarius, who are frequently found juggling a number of different projects at any one time. Nothing can bring put a downer on a Sagittarius, who see failures as nothing more than a life lesson. Usually telling it like it is, the Sagittarians among us will usually be more honest and open when it comes to sharing opinions.

Sagittarius Birthstone Jewellery Gift Ideas

Our collection of Sagittarius jewellery has been hand-selected from our favourite designer brands, including Nomination and Swarovski so that you can choose from a range of stunning designs.

Sagittarius Star Sign Jewellery Gifts

A piece of zodiac jewellery will add a personal touch to any outfit, and quickly become a favourite in your collection. Take a look at our favourite Sagittarius star sign links and pick the perfect gift to offer your charm-collecting friend!

Nomination Classic Gold Sagittarius Charm
Nomination Classic Gold Sagittarius Charm
Nomination Classic CZ Silver Sagittarius Symbol Charm
Nomination Classic CZ Silver Sagittarius Symbol Charm
joshua james silver sagittarius zodiac sign pendant p16754 37973 medium
Joshua James Silver Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Pendant
chlobo gold mini fire ring p20911 59217 medium
ChloBo Gold Mini Fire Ring

Alternatively, why not treat them to a beautiful star sign necklace? Engraved with a delicate Sagittarius constellation pattern, this Joshua James pendant also holds space on the reverse for you to add your own engraving. It’s also a perfect necklace for layering! Simply choose between shiny sterling silver or sumptuous solid gold. Now, let’s move on to the birthstone for Sagittarius.

Joshua James Silver Engravable Sagittarius Zodiac Pendant
Joshua James Silver Engravable Sagittarius Zodiac Pendant
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold Sagittarius Zodiac Pendant
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold Sagittarius Zodiac Pendant

Sagittarius Birthstone Jewellery Gifts

An alternative gift for your Sagittarius friend or family member is a piece of beautiful birthstone jewellery. This may be a better choice for the Sagittarian who enjoys an extra touch of luxury to their personalised gift, or anyone who likes a bold pop of colour in their jewellery!

For the Sagittarian born in November, the birthstone for Sagittarius is the stunning citrine. This vibrant semi-precious gemstone is wonderful for warming up your winter outfits, and it’s also said to inspire motivation, confidence and creativity. The Sagittarius birthstone color is deep orange, with yellow hues running through it.

Joshua James 9ct Gold & Citrine November Birthstone Stud Earrings
Joshua James 9ct Gold & Citrine November Birthstone Stud Earrings
joshua james november birthstone swarovski topaz pendant p12143 29527 medium
Joshua James November Birthstone Swarovski Topaz Pendant

Meanwhile, Sagittarians birthstone in December is the beautiful topaz that showcases show-stopping blue accents. From icy steel to deep denim, this semi-precious gemstone comes in an array of cerulean shades.

joshua james radiance silver blue topaz multi prong drop earrings p20553 57566 medium 1
Joshua James Radiance Silver & Blue Topaz Multi Prong Drop Earrings
joshua james precious 9ct yellow gold with opal blue topaz green amethyst cluster pendant p20481 57250 medium
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold with Opal, Blue Topaz & Green Amethyst Cluster Pendant
nomination blue topaz extension bracelet 044603 025 p4106 7096 medium
Nomination Blue Topaz Extension Bracelet 044603 025
joshua james 9ct gold blue topaz december birthstone pendant p16155 37912 medium
Joshua James 9ct Gold & Blue Topaz December Birthstone Pendant

Christmas might be coming up soon, but don’t forget about those late November/December birthdays! Make sure to browse the full range of Sagittarius birthstone gifts here at Joshua James and subscribe to our newsletter for plenty more personalised inspiration.

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