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Women’s Engagement Rings: Our Celeb Picks

When it comes to finding the all-important engagement ring, there are so many things to consider. There’s the cut, stone, metal and everything else in-between, and while there are tonnes of blogs out there, as well as guides and even jewellers who can give you their expertise, we thought you’d deliver you with one more.

You’re about to propose, and so you want it to be right. With that said, we’re here with even more inspiration, but this time, we’re going to show you some of our top celebrity women’s engagement rings this time. From the 18-carat oval sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds that Kate Middleton wears to the genuine pearl that was said to be a family heirloom on Ariana’s finger, there are so many exquisitely beautiful rings on the celeb radar and here are some of our faves.

1. Kourtney Kardashian 

Kourtney Kardashian's Engagement Ring

First up, we have our most recent engagement between Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker. Engaged in October 2021, the stunning ring holds an oval-shaped diamond that was created by the renowned jeweller Lorraine Schwartz. Said to be 8 carat and VS2 grade, the finest, this showstopper makes for timeless beauty. 

Get the ring: Our Marisol 0.70ct G/VS2 Oval & Brilliant Diamond Platinum Ring offers the same elegant oval shape using the VS2 grade too. A very bold choice that would be hard to say no to.

2. Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow's Engagement Ring

Tyler Stanaland proposed to Brittany Snow in 2019 before they tied the knot in just 13 months. The gorgeous ring holds a slim band with diamonds encrusted along it, finished off with a round solitaire diamond. This engagement ring is a design that you’ll never see go out of fashion. 

Take a peek at our Lucille 0.30ct G/VS1 Oval & Brilliant Diamond Platinum Ring to get the same look, which holds the same elegance and simplicity. While it is oval instead of the rounded diamond, it still has the same elegance that you see on Snow’s. 

3. Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton's Engagement Ring

Next, we have Pippa Middleton’s in our women’s engagement rings list. In 2017, Pippa was wed, and her halo engagement ring was a stunning symbol of this. Using a three-carat diamond while octagonal halo diamonds surround the centre gem, this is undoubtedly an eye-catching ring that offers a vintage style. Women’s vintage engagement rings always incorporate a certain level of uniqueness that you won’t find elsewhere too.

Except with us. Our Marisol 0.50ct E/VVS2 Emerald & Brilliant Diamond Platinum Ring offers the same style using E/VVS2 grade and a beautiful cut that leaves a sophisticated and feminine finish.

4. Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria's Engagement Ring

In May 2016, Eva Longoria, Desperate Housewives star, married José Antonio Bastón and her ring was nothing short of striking. Using a bold ruby that’s surrounded by diamonds, this engagement ring uses deep reds for a coloured look. While we don’t have a ring that matches in our engagement collection, our Precious 9ct White Gold with Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring is very close.

This piece is a fantastic placeholder ring; with a band in 9ct white gold that holds both genuine rubies and diamonds for an alluring contrast, it’s still a great option. If you’re on a budget, our Precious Collection is the one to shop. As one of our women’s white gold engagement rings, this number will be sure to sweep her off her feet.

5. Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney's Engagement Ring

Last but not least, we have Katie Maloney. Maloney’s ring uses the recently popular oval shape for a truly chic touch. Steering away from traditional detailing, the pear-shaped diamond engagement ring was in a champagne tone and was set in a 14K rose-gold band. The happy couple married in 2016, showing off their gorgeous ring of choice.

We don’t have any rose gold bands in our women’s engagement rings collection; however, this Lucille 0.50ct E/SI1 Pear & Brilliant Diamond Platinum Ring is very close to Maloney’s. Using a pear shape with brilliant diamonds, watch as this crisp and vibrant ring makes the ideal proposal ring. Shop our women’s gold engagement rings for something a little warmer. 

Are you inspired for your women’s engagement rings shopping? If you need further guidance, get in touch with us today at support@joshuajamesjewellery.co.uk or book in for a consultation with one of our ring experts and design your very own one-of-a-kind ring. Our bespoke ring services allow you to develop every last element of your engagement ring, making it a genuinely symbolic piece of your love & bond.