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Animal Nomination Charms

Explore adorable and stylish Animal Nomination Charms to add to your collection, and find the perfect piece to represent your personality. Whether you want to represent a cherished pet, believe in your spirit animal or simply have a favourite animal that you'd like to represent through stylish jewellery, then you are sure to find the right charm for you in this roaring range. Browse Nomination animal charms with bold enamel colours, cute dangles or even cubic zirconia and pearl detailing for a shimmering touch. For more iconic Nomination charms, check out the rest of our collection.

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At Joshua James, we are proud to offer a diverse collection of animal Nomination charms to add to your bracelet. Available in a wide variety of styles, you will be spoilt for choice by which charm you choose to adorn your Nomination bracelet with first. Explore charms dedicated to everything from cherished pets, exotic animals and even the fantasy with cat-mermaids and unicorn options! Have a pooch in the family? Our Nomination Paw Print charms would make for a great gift. 

Animal Nomination Charms from Joshua James 

Nomination jewellery is built on a dream to create precious jewellery for everyone. Inspired by the beautiful country of Italy, Nomination was founded in the 1980s in Florence, the centre of fashion and high-quality craftsmanship. This innovative, modular jewellery has grown in popularity across the world with many people loving the personal and stylish Nomination charm bracelets that Nomination is known for. 

Explore a wide range of animal Nomination charms, including Nomination's Rose Gold Paw Print that's available at Joshua James, and explore the full collection from the Nomination brand. Whether you’re looking for a heartfelt gift or something to document a special occasion in your life, we have a wide selection of animal-inspired links, including those with tiger motifs and others with horses