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Nomination Birthstone Charms

Celebrate your birth month with our Nomination birthstone charms and bring an extra personal touch to your charm bracelet. A birthstone charm by Nomination is something to be treasured forever, with many precious styles and designs available to choose from. Our latest range of Nomination birthstone charms features a wide selection of styles, all proudly displaying every beautiful birthstone. If you're looking to design a January birthstone charm bracelet, our rich red garnet charm is the one for you. Whether you're updating your own Nomination charm bracelet or looking for a thoughtful, personal gift for a loved one, a January birthstone charm bracelet by Nomination is the ultimate choice that they will treasure. Don't forget to explore our full range of beautiful Nomination bracelets and charms for even more inspiration from this world-famous charms brand.

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All of our Nomination birthstone charms are specially designed to help you celebrate yours and your loved ones birthday through one stunning piece of jewellery. Wrapped in the highest quality silver, rose gold and gold, our birthstone gems glisten in every light. Nomination bracelets can be as personal as you wish; with over 2000 charms to choose from, you can create a piece of jewellery that tells your story or how you want your story to be told. Truly personalised, your January birthstone charm bracelet can become an heirloom that'll last for years to come. 

Why Nomination?

Nomination Jewellery, designed with the intent to replicate the beauty of Italy, has quickly become one of the industry's best-selling charm bracelet designers in the world. Their precision, inclusivity and ravishing components are what set them apart from all other jewellery brands. Looking for the ideal gift for a January baby? Design your own January birthstone charm bracelet for the ultimate gesture.