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We offer free no obligation virtual or in-person appointments at our showrooms in Leeds and Hessle near Hull.  At this appointment we can go through your ideas and help you to create the perfect piece of jewellery within a budget you are happy with.  

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Cash for Gold


Here at Joshua James, we make it our mission to give the

precious metal of gold a second life with our unwanted jewellery for cash services.

Through emotional, financial and cultural value, it's no surprise that gold is sought after.

Its natural beauty of a dense and bright reddish-yellow

sets this metal apart from any other in the jewellery industry.

Its value may fluctuate, but here at Joshua James, the value of gold will

always be immense, which is why we're determined to ensure that the waste of gold is avoided.

From the mines to your jewellery box, gold always

has a story to tell. So, why would you want that story to end?

Our brand new unwanted jewellery for cash service is our latest sustainability

project that gives our customers assurance that their unwanted gold is used to produce

even more stunning jewellery instead of ended up in landfills.

We also promise to give our customers convenience, as well as a

fantastic price when buying their gold. Cash for gold near me has never been more simple

or effective than with Joshua James.


Where Can I Sell Gold Jewellery for Cash Near Me?

At Joshua James! All you need to do is click the link below to get in touch with

us regarding how much gold you want to sell, and then the rest is down to us. It's really that simple.

What Happens To My Gold When I Sell It To Joshua James?

Once you've sold your precious gold to us, we will then find ways to re-purpose

or re-use your old jewellery. Not only does this give you peace of mind that your gold isn't wasted,

but it also allows new products to be made, giving someone else the opportunity to treasure your

old gold jewellery.

Why Are We Interested In Unwanted Jewellery for Cash?

Here at Joshua James, we are always looking to push on our

sustainable efforts within all of our operations. Through Trees for the Future,

our energy-saving commitments and sourcing ethical jewellery brands, we will always

explore ways to become greener.

We respect our planet and believe that giving gold a second chance at being

loved is one step closer to a waste-free future.

Are you interested in selling gold for cash near me? Click the link below, and you

will be taken to our unwanted jewellery for cash form that will only take 5 minutes to fill out!

e.g. 9ct, 18ct or 24ct 9ct 10ct 12ct 14ct 18ct 22ct 24ct SELL YOUR GOLD HERE