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A Guide to Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment, but over time, daily wear can take a toll on its sparkle. But do not worry, we have the perfect solution to keep your precious ring looking as dazzling as the day you said “YES”. In this guide, we'll go through the steps to effectively clean your engagement ring using the Connoisseurs collection available at Joshua James.

STEP 1: Cleaning the ring

Before you begin the cleaning process, gather the necessary materials. For the first step, you'll need the Connoisseurs Brush & Dazzle Advanced Jewellery Cleaner. This advanced cleaner intensifies cleaning power with its ultra-concentrated, lab-developed formula. Safely removing dirt, oils, lotions, and grime, it revitalises jewellery.

To clean the ring all you need to do is:

Wet the brush with water
Apply a few drops onto it
Then thoroughly brush the ring

Please pay attention to hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a meticulous cleansing without causing damage to the precious metal or stones.

Step 2: Cleaning the Diamond

Once the ring is clean, focus on bringing back the sparkle to the diamond. To do this you will need the Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik.

Remove the blue top lid
Wet the brush lightly with water
Twist the silver base until the blue cleaner appears on the brush
Then finally gently brush the diamond and the setting

    This Stik's cleaning gel, containing micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents, enhances the radiance of diamonds. Its special polymer fills tiny scratches in settings, suitable for cleaning diamonds, precious stones, platinum, and gold jewellery settings.

    Please avoid using this product on pearls. Instead, use Connoisseurs Brush & Dazzle Advanced Jewellery Cleaner for rings with pearls.

    Step 3: Rinsing and Drying

    Once you've finished brushing and dazzling your diamond, rinse your engagement ring thoroughly with warm water to remove any remaining cleaning solution. Pat it dry with a Connoisseurs Jewellery Polishing Cloth, avoiding any abrasive materials that could scratch the metal or gemstone. As well as allowing the cleaning cloth to bring back that extra shine and highly polished look to the metal.

    If you prefer a quicker maintenance routine, consider regularly using the Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik. This ensures your diamond remains radiant, preventing it from dulling over time from dirt and grease.

    With the Connoisseurs collection available at Joshua James, maintaining the brilliance of your engagement ring has never been easier. Regular cleaning not only keeps your ring looking stunning but also helps protect it from long-term damage caused by dirt and oils. Visit Joshua James today to explore the Connoisseurs range and give your engagement ring the care it deserves, ensuring it continues to symbolise your love with unmatched sparkle and brilliance.

    How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring quick and easy at Home

    Connoisseurs products are great to use but we also understand some people just want to clean it with products from home or that they can quickly grab in their local shop.
    Cleaning your engagement ring at home is a simple process, but it's important to be gentle and use the right materials to avoid damaging the precious metal or gemstones. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean your engagement ring at home:

    Gather Materials:

    Mild dish soap
    Warm water
    Soft toothbrush or a jewellery cleaning brush
    Soft, lint-free cloth
    Bowl or container

    Prepare a Cleaning Solution:

    Fill a bowl or container with warm water.
    Add a small amount of mild dish soap. Make sure the soap is free from harsh chemicals or abrasives.

    Soak the Ring:

    Place your engagement ring in the soapy water solution.
    Let it soak for 20-30 minutes. This will help to loosen up any dirt, oils, or debris.

    Gently Brush the Ring:

    Use a soft toothbrush or a jewellery cleaning brush to gently scrub the ring.
    Pay attention to areas where dirt may accumulate, including underneath the setting and around the prongs.

    Rinse Thoroughly:

    After brushing, rinse the ring under warm running water to remove any soap residue.

      Inspect the Ring:

      Examine the ring to ensure it is clean. If there are still stubborn spots, you may need to repeat the process or use a more targeted approach for specific types of dirt or stains.

      Dry the Ring:

      Pat the ring dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Make sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent water spots.

      Polish (Optional):

      If your ring is made of metal that can be polished, you may use a jewellery polishing cloth to restore its shine. Be careful with gemstones, as some may be sensitive to polishing compounds.

      Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

      Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the metal or gemstones.

      Regular Maintenance:

      Clean your engagement ring regularly to prevent the buildup of oils, lotions, and dirt.
      However If your engagement ring has specific care instructions provided by the jeweller, make sure to follow those guidelines. Additionally, if your ring has delicate gemstones or intricate details, consider taking it to a professional jeweller or using Connoisseurs for periodic cleaning and inspection.
      Engagement rings are a very special piece of jewellery you want to last a lifetime. Taking proper care of your engagement ring will increase its lifespan and preserve its beauty. It is critical to maintaining its beauty and longevity. The correct maintenance helps to ensure you won’t lose your diamond or gemstone. We hope this blog helped and gave you an understanding of how important it is to clean your ring to maintain a sparkly diamond. Please take our advice and start taking care of your engagement ring, if you want it to last a lifetime!

      Why Clean Your Engagement Ring?

      Over time, your engagement ring can accumulate dirt, oils, and other substances that dull its brilliance. Regular cleaning not only restores its sparkle but also ensures the longevity of the precious metals and gemstones. By incorporating the right cleaning routine, you can keep your ring looking stunning forever.

      Why Connoisseurs?

      Connoisseurs have been a trusted name in jewellery care for decades, and the collection at Joshua James is no exception. The products are designed to gently and effectively clean your precious jewellery, including engagement rings, ensuring they maintain their brilliance and shine.  

      Let's dive into the step-by-step process of using Connoisseurs to keep your ring looking its best. Three easy steps to maintain your engagement ring using Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaners.

      These items can be conveniently purchased at Joshua James, ensuring you have everything to pamper your engagement ring. Perfect for gold, platinum, diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones.