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Nomination Charm Bracelets

Explore our selection of Nomination bracelets for the perfect base bracelet to design your very own unique piece of jewellery; the most thoughtful gift for family and friends. A unique and personal jewellery piece, Nomination charm bracelets can be customised and added to over time with Nomination bracelets charms to mark milestones, special occasions and holidays. The gift that keeps on giving, Nomination bracelets will set your loved one off with a piece of jewellery that reflects their own personality and journey. Complete your gift with stunning charms from our wide collection or complete your look with pieces from our complete Nomination Jewellery Collection.

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We feature a beautiful array of Nomination bracelets here at Joshua James. If you are looking for a new piece of jewellery to add to your collection that is meaningful, these charm bracelets make the perfect choice as they allow you to personalise them with your favourite Nomination Charms, making your piece completely unique to you. Our Nomination bracelets are featured in a number of designs, including gold, stainless steel, blue and rose gold; making them suited to both the ladies and gents. It’s easy to create a unique, stylish piece of jewellery with Nomination, so make sure you pursue the latest collection here at Joshua James.


As one of the leading stockists of Nomination Bracelets, we ensure that all sizes are kept on our site. So, whether you want to add further links to your already existing bracelet or you're on the hunt for a specific size, we guarantee that you'll find it on Joshua James. Nomination, the Italian brand that we all know and love, is consistently advancing on their product lines, giving their customers (you), the key to customising jewellery that speaks to the wearer. So, keep your eyes peeled and you'll find something you'll love.

If you're one for swapping and changing your jewellery collection to suit trends and your change of thoughts on metals, don't forget that we often hold a Nomination bracelets sale on our site.