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Gold Nomination Charms

Here at Joshua James, our vast array of gold Nomination charms holds every kind of design you could possibly want or need. From silver glitter combinations to dangling lucky charms, there'll be a charm or two that suits your Nomination bracelet. With warm gold hues, watch as your starter bracelet instantly pops in every light. If gold isn't your preferred metal, don't forget there are also Nomination charms in rose gold that offer a sleek and contemporary touch to your bracelet.

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Gold Nomination Charms at Joshua James

Whether vibrant gold is your idea of luxury or you'd prefer rose gold Nomination charms, Joshua James has over 2,000 Nomination charms available. Giving you the key to expressing yourself and your individuality; one of the key values of the Nomination brand. The brand was born in Florence, Italy in 1987. Since, it has become loved worldwide; offering both men and women an opportunity to wear personalised jewellery that's extra stylish.

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