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Nomination Bracelet Links

Explore our wide range of Nomination Bracelet Links from Joshua James. Express your individuality and personality with stunning Nomination links found in all types of metals and styles. Whether you want to tell your story or rewrite it, the Nomination brand boasts inclusivity, making their brand loved by anyone and everyone. Have a love for dogs? A lucky number? No matter what you want to represent, Nomination Bracelet Links can help you do just that. Charms by Nomination go above and beyond any on the market; their quality, precision and personalisation is what makes them truly iconic. 

If you need extra links for your Nomination Bracelet due to a change of size or style, you can find what you're looking for in our Nomination Charms section.

Nomination Bracelet Links UK

Don't know what Nomination bracelet links are? Charms, links, whatever you want to call them. Nomination Links act as a way for you to customise your very own starter bracelet that speaks to you and you alone. If you want to find out how to customise your bracelet with rose gold Nomination links, head over to our blog. 

We often get asked how to add links to Nomination Bracelets. While it does take some slight skill, there is a Nomination Charm Tool available that allows you to manipulate the links easier. 


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Nomination Links at Joshua James

Inspired by the beauty of Tuscany, the home of fashion high-quality craftsmanship in jewellery, Nomination puts poise, authenticity and lustre in every single one of their links. You can make your Nomination bracelet as personalised or unique as you desire. With engravable links and lucky charms, you will be spoilt for choice. Not only are Nomination Links perfect for your own bracelet, but if you know someone who's starting out their Nomination collection, why not treat them to a link that shows them how much they mean to you? Built on the notion that jewellery is for all ages, genders and backgrounds, Nomination jewellery is a brand that you can never go wrong with. Shop silver & gold Nomination links today.