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Choosing and buying a ring is a special moment, whether for yourself or a loved one. So, finding the right ring measurement is paramount to making sure the jewellery is perfect in every way. If you can’t have the ring size professionally measured at a jeweller, then finding the right fit can be tricky. This is why we have put together an extensive ring size guide UK that will help you with everything you need to know to find the perfect ring size. If you’re surprising a loved one with a ring, whether it be a special occasion or engagement, take advantage of our ring size chart and helpful tips on how you can find out their measurements without them even knowing in this UK ring size guide!


UK Ring Sizes

This is a guide only. Your measurement may differ per brand.

Ring Size (UK)Circumference (mm)Ring Size (UK)Circumference (mm)Ring Size (UK)Circumference (mm)


If you have never had your ring size measured, knowing where to start can be a tricky and confusing task. Follow our helpful tips below in the next part of our ring size guide UK on how to make finding your ring measurement a breeze!

1. Make sure you’re measuring the right finger you want the ring to live on! Fingers are often different sizes, especially across the two hands. So, don’t think the index finger on the left hand is going to be the same size as the right index finger.

2. When measuring the finger, always make sure to do so at the end of the day. This is when the finger is largest and will offer a more accurate ring measurement.

3. Always consider your knuckle! If you know that your knuckle is slightly thicker than the base of your finger, then consider ordering a half size bigger to accommodate for sliding the ring over your knuckle.


If you’re planning to pop the question or to just treat your other half to a romantic gesture, then trying to not-so-sneakily measure their ring finger can ruin all of your careful planning. We understand the struggle to make every detail perfect, which is why we have put together some tips that will set you on your way to finding their ring size before using our ring size guide UK online.

Firstly, explore their jewellery box! If your partner has a ring they wear often, take notice of it the next time they wear it. Does it look like a good fit? If you think the size looks right, measure the diameter of the ring when your partner is none the wiser. Then take these measurements to your jeweller!

If you can’t work out the measurements, then try the tracing trick. On a piece of paper, trace the inside and the outside of the ring and take the sketch with you to the jeweller. They should be able to make an accurate prediction of your partner’s size from this. 

If you can’t find a good dummy ring, then it may be time for you to put your stealth skills to the test. Whilst your partner is sleeping, carefully wrap a piece of string around their ring finger. Mark where the string meets together with a pen and then lay the string flat out and measure it with a ruler. Finally, take this measurement to your jeweller.

Or, why not take them window shopping? Make up an excuse or occasion in which you want to buy a family member a piece of jewellery. When looking at rings, encourage them to try some on. Tell them you want to work out your loved one’s ring size based on their finger, you’ll just have to have a good poker face for this one to work!

If you're looking for a gent's ring, the men's ring size guide UK offers the same rules, making it extra easy for you!