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Baguette Eternity Rings

Here at Joshua James, we only handcraft the most exquisitely beautiful Baguette Eternity Rings on the market. With only love and precision, our rectangular Diamond shapes make nothing but characteristic additions to an Eternity Ring. If Round Cut Diamonds don't jump out at you, our selection of Baguette Eternity Bands will be sure to do so. Their sheen and classical style offers a simplistic but contemporary spin on the traditional Eternity Ring design. With a Baguette Eternity Ring, it's guaranteed that she will feel treasured. 

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Treat your lady to an Eternity Ring that speaks for itself with a Baguette Cut Diamond Eternity Ring. If you're unsure of the differences between each Diamond Cut compared to Baguette Eternity Rings, check out our brief guide below.

The Types of Diamond Cuts

To put it simply, we thought we'd offer some guidance on each Diamond cut so that you can make a better judgement when deciding on the perfect Diamond shape for your eternity ring.

Round Diamonds: Round Diamonds, also known as Brilliant Cut, are best known for their abilities to maximise light return. The round shape also signifies love with no end. 

Princess Diamonds: Princess Diamonds, also known as Square Cut Diamonds, is the second most popular shape of Diamond. Princess Cuts are most popular for being modernly beautiful with 76 small facets. 

Mixed Diamonds: Mixed Diamond Cuts combine both the Princess Cut and the brilliant cut designs. With Brilliant Cuts found on the crown, finished off with Princess on the pavilion or vice versa, this makes for a unique Eternity ring design.

Baguette Diamonds: Baguette Diamond Cuts are rectangular Princess Diamonds that feature straight or tapered edges. Some Baguette Cuts are almost square, while others take the true form of a rectangle.