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We offer free no obligation virtual or in-person appointments at our showrooms in Leeds and Hessle near Hull.  At this appointment we can go through your ideas and help you to create the perfect piece of jewellery within a budget you are happy with.  

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Men's Wedding Rings

Here at Joshua James, we don't just believe that it's crucial to get her wedding ring perfect, but men's wedding rings too. Ultimately, a wedding ring is worn to signify this wonderful celebration of your love and new partnership. And because this ring is meant to be worn every single day, you need to ensure that you're purchasing a wedding ring that fits in with your style and preferences. By exploring our website, you will soon see that we have covered all grounds when finding the ideal men's wedding ring. With sleek, sophisticated and masculine finishes, you will be spoilt for choice. Check out our most popular men's platinum wedding rings

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Men's Wedding Rings

Take this opportunity to find a ring that helps you express your individuality and style with our collection of men's wedding rings at Joshua James. While you can always go down the route of matching with your soon-to-be, there are always ways that you can put a masculine and sophisticated twist on your ring. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for in our range of rings, don't forget that we also have a bespoke wedding ring service available to our customers.

Couples or individuals can visit us in-store for a custom-designed ring that they can have full creative control over. For more information on our in-store jewellery services, check out our website.