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An internationally renowned brand that was created and continues to be managed by a single family, the Diamonfire brand signifies outstanding quality, innovation and contemporary trends. Characterised by a gleaming combination of their signature "ideal cut" zirconia stones and 925 sterling silver, each piece of Diamonfire jewellery features stones that are measured according to the same quality criteria as real diamonds: purity, proportion and colour. Still firmly based in familial roots, each piece reflects the passion and innovation of the Diamonfire brand, forging jewellery of only the highest beauty and quality.

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Our range of Diamonfire jewellery presents every woman with the opportunity to enjoy the luxury and beauty offered by diamond jewellery, without the hefty price tag. Throughout our exquisite collection you will discover contemporary and classic designs crafted in high quality sterling silver, and most importantly, adorned with stunning gemstones that sparkle just like real diamonds.The diamond bracelet or ring that you always dreamed of is no longer a distant fantasy!


Inspired by diamonds, Diamonfire jewellery features their signature "ideal cut" zirconia stones: in other words, a flawless 57-facet cut that is precisely within range of tolerance for hand-cut brilliants. Each stone is electronically measured and undergoes meticulous assessment, equivalent to that used for appraisal of real diamonds. Diamonfire zirconia stones are even measured in carats, proof of which you will receive in the form of a unique jewellery certificate that arrives with your Diamonfire jewellery.