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Hot Diamonds

Introducing Hot Diamonds, the jewellery designer that uses the simple beauty of diamonds to adorn sleek metals such as 925 Sterling Silver & yellow gold for a mesmerising combination. Whether a pair of Hot Diamonds earrings catch your eye or you’re looking for something a little more specific like the iconic Hot Diamonds heart necklace, we’ve got you covered. Femininity and romance are at the heart of Hot Diamonds, which is why every single piece makes for the perfect gift.
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The Brand Hot Diamonds

Hot Diamonds is known for putting beauty into all of its jewels. Handcrafting all of their jewellery in their Berkshire studio, Hot Diamonds ensures that each product is created using only ethically sourced materials; “If it’s not ethical, it's not beautiful.” Check out the entire Hot Diamonds necklace collection, Hot Diamonds bracelets & Hot Diamonds rings to see for yourself. 

Some of Hot Diamond’s signature pieces, including the Hot Diamonds Pendants, include a stunning set of diamonds. If you didn’t know, diamonds portray strength, the value of love and the feeling of magic. Their value stems from their natural authenticity and lustre that cannot be found on any other gemstone. When found on a Hot Diamonds bracelet, earring set or necklace, you're carrying this symbol around with you wherever you go.

Don’t forget, we are your destination for the Hot Diamonds sale which is full of their prized jewels but at bargain prices.