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Platinum Engagement Rings

The perfect match for a diamond, platinum is bright, rare, and lasting. Choosing a platinum engagement ring to start the next chapter of your life with a partner signifies the enduring nature of your relationship and provides an unparalleled backdrop to show off the brilliance of your hand-picked diamond.

At Joshua James, we offer a wide range of engagement rings, expertly crafted by artisans to create a physical token of your love and commitment. Explore our wide range of ring styles and diamonds, including round diamonds, oval diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, platinum solitaire engagement rings, platinum halo rings and more. Let us help you create a platinum engagement ring that perfectly complements and represents your relationship past, present, and future.
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Buying a Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring with Joshua James

We know just how important the purchase of an engagement ring is, and how stressful it can be too. Your engagement ring choice is as unique as your relationship, and we’ve been helping our customers find their rings since 2009, so you’re in safe hands with our expert team.

When you shop with us, you can expect:

- A lifetime guarantee on every engagement and wedding ring we sell

- Long-lasting, expertly crafted jewellery that can stand up to everyday wear

- Beautiful and unique ring designs, and a choice of cuts and metals to suit all tastes

- A wide range of both lab-grown and ethically sourced natural diamonds

- The ability to pick your own unique diamond, selecting your desired clarity, carat, colour and cut

Free, secure, and tracked UK delivery on all orders

- A range of ready-to-ship rings that can be with you in just a few days

Speak to our Expert Team

There are so many unique options and things to consider when choosing an engagement ring. At Joshua James, our team is just a text or phone call away. We offer support on WhatsApp, as well as in-person and online consultations, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts for more advice and guidance on picking the perfect engagement ring.

Why Choose a Platinum Engagement Ring?

Naturally Cool Silver

Platinum is naturally cool-toned, making it fantastic to show off every sparkling facet of your diamond. Rather than tarnishing or wearing thin over time, it develops a beautiful velvety patina over the years. Some people actually prefer this softer appearance, but it can also be quickly polished to regain its bright shine!

Comfort is Key

Platinum is hypoallergenic, which makes it a great choice for wearers who have allergies or sensitive skin. It’s also slightly denser and heavier than white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold, which many wearers find feels more comfortable and secure on their finger.

A Ring That Lasts a Lifetime

Platinum is incredibly strong and durable, meaning not only is your ring susceptible to less wear and tear, but your stone will be more secure too, as the prongs holding your diamond are less likely to bend or break. Platinum engagement rings also need considerably less servicing over their lifetime than a similar gold band.


How do I clean a platinum engagement ring?

Platinum is a very low-maintenance metal choice, which means it’s easy to take care of at home over the years. Every six months, use warm water and regular washing-up liquid, along with a soft toothbrush, to gently clean your engagement ring and remove any oils, dirt, or debris.

Which is better, white gold or platinum engagement rings?

White gold vs. platinum is, ultimately, down to personal preference, which is why at Joshua James all of our rings are available in both white gold and platinum.

In general, platinum is more durable and less liable to tarnishing, scratches or dents over time than slightly softer 18ct gold. Platinum also has a cool, pure colour tone that complements the icy white of your diamonds, whereas white gold has a slightly creamier tone. We only use platinum 950, which means the metal will always be above 95% pure platinum, for the strongest, brightest base to your engagement ring.

How do I know the diamond in my platinum engagement ring is real?

Buying an engagement ring is a big investment both emotionally and financially, so you want to be sure you’re getting exactly what you’ve picked out. At Joshua James, all of our rings come with a diamond certificate. This verifies the diamond’s authenticity, characteristics and background so you can feel confident when you buy from us.

Can I get my ring resized if it doesn’t fit?

Yes, you can get your ring resized free with Joshua James’ ring resizing service. Even with the best efforts, getting someone’s ring size right is notoriously tricky! Our ring resizing service gives you peace of mind that even if it’s not perfect the first time, you’ll still have the right ring to say forever with.