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We offer free no obligation virtual or in-person appointments at our showrooms in Leeds and Hessle near Hull.  At this appointment we can go through your ideas and help you to create the perfect piece of jewellery within a budget you are happy with.  

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Charm Bracelets

Embark on your life's journey with Joshua James' collection of charm bracelets. Personalise your wristwear as a way of expressing yourself with both Nomination charm bracelets & Thomas Sabo charm bracelets. Both brands have a reputation for producing some of the finest jewellery on the market; but not just any type of jewellery, meaningful jewellery. Our charm bracelets for women bring bespoke to a whole new meaning. With over 2000 Nomination charms to choose from, as well as a vast selection of Thomas Sabo charms, you'll be spoilt for choice.

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Charm Bracelets UK

Give the gift of love with charm bracelets from Joshua James. Whether the bracelet is for yourself or a loved one, our friendship charm bracelets by Nomination & Thomas Sabo hold character, luxury and an abundance of delicate features that make this type of jewellery personal to you. From the most precise details of a name, hobby or event, your entire charm bracelet can be as sentimental to you as you wish. 

How Do Nomination Bracelets Work?

Founded in Italy, Nomination bracelets are some of the best-selling charm bracelets on the market, but with that, sometimes details can be lost. What you might not know is that Nomination creates clip-on charms for their bracelets, which aren't permanently fixed and can be interchangeable with other Nomination-compatible charms. Here at Joshua James, we currently have a product list of over 2000 Nomination charms; making us your one-stop shop for all of your charm bracelet needs.