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Ear Cuffs at Joshua James

Ear cuffs are the latest addition to the jewellery industry. Ear cuffs perfectly spice up your look, allowing you to layer up your earrings for a more contemporary style. Ear cuffs are a great option for all, especially with plenty of options for those without their ears pierced. They work by wrapping around or up your ear, adding more volume and edge to your overall look. You can find out more about how to layer your ear cuffs in our blog. Shop our entire selection of ear cuffs below.

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Bring new dimensions to your earring collection with ear cuffs from Joshua James. Our range of sterling silver and yellow gold plated ear cuffs is simple, delicate, and beautiful. We pride ourselves in only stocking the most current, reputable brands so that we can guarantee quality and safety with all of our earrings and ear cuffs. Check out our blog if you have any concerns about allergies to your earpieces. Whether you decide on ear cuffs in silver or gold ear cuffs, we ensure that we only stock the finest metals available.


If you didn't already know, our gold ear cuffs are inserted into the ear like traditional first piercings, but their design crawls up the lobe to produce a three-piercing illusion. Other ear cuffs, which sit higher up on the ear, simply wrap around the edge of your ear, meaning they can be worn without a piercing. Ear cuffs are a great way to edge up an outfit temporarily, and then when you're ready to dress up for a special occasion, you can simply swap them for some diamond studs just as you usually would.