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Hook Earrings

Hook earrings are a modern and contemporary take on the drop stud earring. Our hook earrings are made to last by incorporating class, authenticity and the mesmerising anecdotes of diamonds, gemstones and sleek metals. A unique design most recognised from best-selling and iconic brand Shaun Leane's collection. Several of our earring hooks can be paired up with matching necklaces and bracelets, so be sure to explore our full site for a gift that'll blow you or a loved one away. With 925 Sterling Silver, 9ct Yellow Gold and the sophisticated trend of Rose Gold, we cover all grounds to ensure that your jewellery collection is full of diversity.

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A new style, the hook earring is an eye-catcher for sure. A modern take on the classic stud, the hook earring works like a normal stud earring, with a front and back. However, through bold and contemporary design work, the hook earring creates a unique look, incorporating the front and back into to design to create a sharp and book 'hook-like' shape, piercing through the lobe. 

Explore the likes of Shaun Leane, pioneers in fish hook earrings or Thomas Sabo as they encapsulate their signature cosmic designs into each piece. Head over to our stud earring section for smaller, daintier earrings.