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Link Watches

Discover the link watch, a unique style from the iconic Nomination brand. Nomination's iconic composable bracelet is given a new twist with stunning watch faces and various styles. These watches are a must-have for any Nomination fan. Why not treat yourself or a loved one to this practical yet stylish piece from Nomination
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The Nomination link watch is an innovative addition to the watch industry. Comprised of the classic Nomination links, with a watch face at the centre, every single Nomination link watch can be personalised in the same way their iconic charm bracelets can. Whether you love a silver or gold watch, you have the choice with Nomination's link watches, and you can add matching gold and silver Nomination charms, to create a unique style, completely personalised to you. 

An added benefit of the link watch is that it is completely adjustable, meaning it can fit any size wrist with additional links, and absolutely no need for intervention from a professional!