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We offer free no obligation virtual or in-person appointments at our showroom in Hessle near Hull.  At this appointment we can go through your ideas and help you to create the perfect piece of jewellery within a budget you are happy with.  

If you have a query that you don't feel requires an appointment please feel free to WhatsApp us by clicking here 

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Consultation in Hull

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Silver Jewellery

Indulge in our silver jewellery collection that’s full of crisp and sleek designs, ready to uplift any outfit. Sterling silver jewellery offers a classic and contemporary style that is timeless. Using the finest-grade silver, we can offer your jewellery collection longevity and an abundance of class. Combining silver jewellery with gemstones and diamonds makes for a recipe of angelic beauty. From your favourite brands such as Shaun Leane & ChloBo, bring your style to life at Joshua James.
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High-Quality Silver Jewellery

We stock only the highest quality silver jewellery at Joshua James, ensuring you can trust in the longevity of our silver jewellery. ChloBo, for instance, sells only handmade silver jewellery made right here in England. ChloBo offers meaning in every piece, taking inspiration from Ancient Greek mythology and the traditional Zodiac philosophy. Not only will the jewellery last a lifetime, but it will provide you with true meaning that you can cherish.

Cleaning Silver Jewellery

When it comes to how to clean silver jewellery, we choose Connoisseurs. As the name suggests, they are experts in jewellery cleaning; with an extensive range of products, they can reduce tarnish and leave any piece sparkling. For silver jewellery cleaning, we recommend the Silver Jewellery Cleaner, which polishes and protects solid silver from tarnishing and unwanted dirt build-up.