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Wedding Ring Buying Guide


Now that you're engaged, you're ready to begin planning one of the most significant events of your relationship and life. From the dress right down to the florist, getting it right is what's important. And the decisions don't end there; your wedding rings may not seem as important as the perfect venue, but what most forget is that your rings are a symbol that you'll wear for the rest of your lives.

They became a part of your daily style and a piece of jewellery that represents your love for one another, even when you're apart. When choosing a wedding ring, it can be as intricate as an engagement ring; you have the metal, whether you want stones adorned around the band, the style and most importantly, the size to consider.

Whether you decide that a simple band to complement your show-stopped engagement ring is the way to go or that a diamond crested band would highlight your large and vibrant emerald stone, it's about having it pair lovely with your engagement ring, everyday jewels and personal style. 

If you're unable to find the right rings in our ever-growing collection of wedding bands, we also have an in-house bespoke ring service available. As a couple, you can join us in our state-of-the-art consultation room as you discuss your dream rings over sketches and renders that'll gradually bring your vision to life. For more information on how to design your very own dream rings, head over to our booking form page.

With that in mind, we have put together several guides that'll help you make your decision on finding a ring for both you and your partner, ones that act as a forever reminder of your love and partnership.