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The Sacred Earth Collection by ChloBo

Introducing ChloBo's brand new Sacred Earth Collection here at Joshua James Jewellery. Through the true meaning of the Ancient Greek concept of the four elements that connect to the Zodiac, this range of contemporary silver & gold jewellery in the form of stacking bracelets, earrings, rings & pendants, was designed to speak to the wearer. Chloe Moss, the founder of ChloBo, was inspired by her self-belief of staying grounded and balanced in life's most vital elements of the universe. By living in synergy with nature, we can practise self-awareness and internal healing. Through Earth, Wind, Air & Fire, The Sacred Earth Collection was born. 

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Each piece of this collection is made with the finest 925 Sterling Silver; either adorned by glistening yellow-gold plating or left for a modern sheen. If you're looking to add to your ChloBo stack, check out the adjustable bracelets or if you're simply after dimension for your layering necklaces, the chokers found in this collection are nothing short of precious, while keeping you balanced. 

The Sacred Earth's Four Elements

Inspired by the Ancient Greek concept of the four elements comes this stunning, contemporary but authentic jewellery collection from the well-loved ChloBo. Chloe Moss designed the Sacred Earth range to inspire wearers to find balance and alignment within the four elements. Each element boasts its own characteristics, and when joined with their positive and negative attributes, they work together in synergy, leaving us balanced. What's more, this spiritual collection holds a significant connection to the Zodiac, with each symbol speaking to all star signs through the meaning and character found within. Here's what each element means for the wearer: 

Earth stands for staying grounded, while also ensuring that the mind and body are looked after through a positive mindset and physical nurturing. Just like the world, our soul and body both need the same amount of attention and nurturing to stay happy and functioning. The Earth symbol speaks to Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn who can relate to staying grounded, earthly & spiritual. Stay alongside the Water element to help your creative mind blossom. 

Air represents overcoming obstacles while keeping a positive mindset. This calming element speaks to Gemini's, Libra's and Aquarius' as they hold onto optimism, no matter the hurdles faced in life. Like the air we breathe, this element is especially vital for staying calm and appreciating the environment that keeps us safe and healthy. Earth is your sister, while fire offers passion and energy. 

The Fire element is for the fierce, intense but passionate individuals who have a certain level of inner strength that helps them stay driven and focused on what's most important. Resonating with Sagittarius', Leo's and Aries' comes this fiery, energetic and determined soul that always strives to do more. That's why Fire is paired with Air as a reminder to take a breath.

Water, the symbol of flowing, and harnessing your emotions, no matter the state of mind. The Water symbol symbolises individuals who adapt to any situation and use their imagination and creativity to achieve more. Speaking to Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces people to prove that these personalities are care-free and laid back. By teaming up with the Fire element, you can be guided to achieve your passions.