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Amethyst Birthstone Jewellery

Be vibrant in purple with the beautiful collection of Amethyst birthstone jewellery at Joshua James. This stunning stone is sure to catch your eye while being the perfect colourful statement piece. Add a simple splash of colour to your look with a delicate Amethyst Gem pendant or go bold with an amethyst bracelet. The Amethyst birthstone month is February; the vibrant purple stone is said to strengthen relationships and give the wearer courage. Whatever your style, there’s something to suit you in the Joshua James collection.


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The Amethyst birthstone is known for its power in the Zodiac. The vibrant purple signifies purity of spirit, whereas the reddish gues represent the chastening and purifying effects of suffering. This being said, Amethyst Gems have been known as the healing stone for many centuries. Their mesmerising aesthetic is what makes them such a fitting stone for beautiful jewellery pieces that are made to last. Our collection here at Joshua James is nothing short of precious and stunning. One of our pieces would make for a cherished gift or as a symbol to carry around with you as you enjoy the spiritual effects of your birthstone Amethyst.

What birthstone is Amethyst?

The Amethyst birthstone is for February. Those born in Feb are known for their straightforward and outspoken personalities. They'll always be honest and say it how it is. Whether you decide on an Amethyst birthstone necklace or a bracelet, you can either commemorate your birth month or gift it to someone you know who was born in February. This type of personalised gift is nothing short of sentimental and loving. Check out our collection of garnet birthstone jewellery if you know someone born in January.