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April Birthstone

Looking for April birthstone jewellery? Whether it's an April birthstone necklace, ring, bracelet, charm or pair of earrings, we will have something for you. If you or someone special is born in April, diamonds really are your best friend. April birthstone jewellery here at Joshua James is simple yet elegant in design. Full of sophistication, the birthstone for April is available in an array of finishes from Swarovski crystals to rose gold and rhodium plating. Whether you’re browsing for an occasion or a diamond bead for your bracelet, Diamonds are associated with love, making an April birthstone jewel the ultimate romantic present for your other half or special someone in your life. For gifts to evoke emotion, check out our full range of birthstone gifts here at Joshua James.
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The April Birthstone

Diamonds really are forever if you were born in the month of April. Through our vast range of April birthstone jewellery, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and charm collections, we can deliver our customers with meaningful and unique gift ideas from some of the leading designer jewellery brands such as Thomas Sabo, Swarovski & ChloBo

What birthstone is April?

The diamond is known for being the light, life and sun. Channelling nothing but purity and perfection, the diamond is the rarest gemstone of them all. Halting immense spiritual power, diamonds are often associated with being committed, faithful and being a symbol for a promise of eternal love which is why you will often find diamonds on engagement and wedding rings. If you're an April baby, we have a collection of birthstone April jewellery available which feature this stunning stone that glistens in every light. Diamonds are the main feature of any jewellery item, making them a loving gift for someone special. 

The April birthstone color takes the form of luscious creamy tones and translucent crystals that shimmer due to multicoloured undertones that are brought to life with every type of light.