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The July Birthstone

July birthstone jewellery is embedded with ruby gems that shimmer and dazzle in every movement. A symbol of hope, wisdom, health and good fortune, a July birthstone necklace, ring, set of earrings, bracelet or charm is the perfect pick whether you’re looking for a shiny ruby pendant to match sophisticated evening wear or a classic ruby charm to add to your Nomination bracelet. Looking for birthstone July gifts to surprise a loved one? Browse our full collection here at Joshua James.
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July Birthstone Jewellery at Joshua James

We have so many July birthstone pieces at Joshua James. From Swarovski figurines to symbolise someone's birthday to a classic ruby pendant that'll add a pop of colour to any outfit, we have it all at Joshua James. The birthstone of July uses red hues that are combined with vibrant golds and sleek silvers to produce jewellery items that not only offer timeless style but jewellery pieces that offer a sentimental symbol.

July people, if you didn't know, are known for their optimism and positivity. They tend to focus on the bright side of life and have a glass-half full type of mindset. This radiates on those close to them, offering wonderful energy to every kind of social situation. By wearing the July birthstone as a July baby, you're embracing your exhilarating mindset for a powerful and motivating connection.

What is the birthstone for July?

The birthstone for July is the gorgeous ruby. Its beauty and rarity makes this gemstone one of the most sought-after in the jewellery industry. Watch as your July birthstone jewellery pieces create a mesmerising illusion that speaks to the wearer. The ruby is a very valuable gemstone that was first established before Ancient Greek times.

If you're looking to find out more about the Ruby's origins, head over to our blog where we delve into the Leo Birthstone