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May Birthstone Jewellery

Here at Joshua James, we know how special birthdays are, as well as how personal May birthstone jewellery can be. From a May birthstone necklace to a lovingly crafted Nomination charm, Emerald birthday gifts radiate beautiful tones and are considered to be a symbol of love and rebirth, making it a thoughtful gesture for that special someone born in May. The birthstone for May looks stunning; using sparkling emeralds that are available in an array of finishes - from gold, silver to stainless steel. Carry the rich colour of spring around with you always. May birthstone jewellery is available from our favourite brands, including Nomination.
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May Birthstone Rings at Joshua James

The natural beauty of the Emerald is what makes this jewellery range so eye-catching. Luxury and vibrancy are seen throughout when the emerald is laced in 925 Sterling Silver & yellow gold to produce only the most beautiful tones. Create an entire look with earrings, rings and necklaces for an evening look or add a pop of colour to your everyday wear with a bold Nomination charm. We have several brands on offer that caters for this birthstone, Joshua James being one of them. All of our jewellery is finished for impeccable results which you can see throughout the entire birthstone jewellery collection.

What is the birthstone for May?

The birthstone for May is emerald. Emeralds are known as the symbol of truth and love. Back in Ancient Greece & Rome, this captivating gemstone was said to be the gemstone of the goddess Venus. Resonating with Taurians, they have a strong desire for social and corporate stability. The need for contentment can come across as either needy or passionate, but they always have good intentions.