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Opal Birthstone Jewellery

Add some fire to your jewellery collection with a gorgeous piece of Opal birthstone jewellery from Joshua James. Known for the beautiful flashes of colour hidden within the stone, the Opal is a subtle, yet beautiful stone to bring into your jewellery collection. Whether you are looking for a simple opal necklace or a stunning pair of opal earrings, you’ll find the perfect accessory within the Joshua James Opal October birthstone jewellery range.

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Introducing the stunning collection of Opal Jewellery available at Joshua James. A delicate precious stone, the Opal is adored globally for the beautiful flashes of colours revealed as light hits the stone. Whilst the Opal is October’s birthstone, there is nothing to stop you from adorning yourself in this precious stone, whenever your birthday may be.

A classic, adored for years, Opal is seeing a rise in popularity this year, with more and more people choosing Opal pieces for their everyday and occasion jewellery. One of the fastest-growing trends for the decade is the Opal engagement ring, incorporating a beautiful vintage style that will never age.

Our range of Opal birthstone jewellery spans from necklaces to rings and will never go out of style with this timeless stone. Opal people are known for their quietly confident personalities which coincide with the October zodiac. If you were born in the opal birthstone month of October, you are known for your romantic and caring tendencies. If you, however, were born in May, check out our collection of emerald birthstone jewellery.