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Peridot Birthstone Jewellery

Widely recognised as the August peridot birthstone, did you also know that many refer to peridot as the “evening emerald” and “gem of the sun”? This eye-catching green gemstone makes a unique addition to any outfit as peridot jewellery gently shimmers and captivates in the daylight. Dress up your daytime look with a simple peridot necklace or one of our peridot birthstone rings, designed to effortlessly carry you from day to night and everything in between!

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A stunning stone with many hidden uses and meanings, peridot birthstone jewellery makes for more than just a pretty accessory! This dreamy green gemstone is said to inspire strength, luck and good health in the wearer, dating back to ancient times. The Romans believed it to act as an antidepressant that could help to relieve anxiety and other negative emotions!

A versatile gemstone that really comes to life in the daylight, its fresh green hues give off ultimate summer vibes when set against warm yellow gold. Why not enhance your summer outfit with a pair of gorgeous peridot earrings from our collection? These will really compliment an olive complexion, but the truth is that this verdant gemstone looks beautiful against any skin tone. 

The peridot birthstone month is also August, making a peridot necklace, ring or pair of earrings (or a matching set!) the perfect personalised gift for someone who loves a touch of colour in their outfit. The peridot birthstone meaning is good health, sleep and peacefulness. Peridot August birthstones also meet the characteristics of those born in this month. These people are known for their humour, hard-working ethic and practicality.

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