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Topaz Birthstone Jewellery

A gemstone is known for its diverse and vibrant colour palette, the topaz birthstone can be enjoyed in a variety of beautiful shades; blue being the most popular. Our collection covers topaz in all of its stunning forms: from sophisticated blue topaz earrings to delicate yellow topaz necklaces. The hardest part will be choosing which shade will compliment your everyday looks. The topaz birthstone month falls on both November & December, making this collection of vibrant pieces extra meaningful to wearers born throughout this time of year. 

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Luxurious yet versatile, yellow and blue topaz birthstone jewellery can range from trendy and casual to sophisticated and glamorous. Its gentle shimmer is ideal for elevating your everyday style, but when paired with gold, it offers something infinitely more luxurious. Keep it simple yet eye-catching with a single topaz ring or pendant, or why not go all out with a matching set? 


What colour is topaz birthstone? While topaz is known as the birthstone for both November & December, the November birthstone topaz is in yellow and the December birthstone is blue topaz, setting them apart but staying just as stunning. Offering two completely different colour palettes, the topaz birthstone will always become the statement piece of any jewellery collection. Here at Joshua James, we stock our own branded pieces using these golden and sea-toned gems, but we also have the likes of Nomination to help you resonate with your birthstone.

The golden topaz birthstone is known to symbolise love and affection, while the blue is said to be a promise of love and fidelity. In terms of the characteristics of their wearers, they're said to be down to earth and generous. A lovely sentiment to carry with you day to day. Check out the garnet birthstone for January birthday's.