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Mother of Pearl Jewellery

Thanks to its uniquely iridescent sheen, mother of pearl makes for a fascinating addition to any collection. With its muted shimmer and attractive play of colour, mother of pearl jewellery is often very classy, refined and eye-catching, perfect for the sophisticated woman. Shop a wide selection of mother of pearl jewellery online at Joshua James today and find elegant pieces of jewellery perfect to gift to the woman in your life. Shop mother of pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in our collection today, or why not spoil them with a full set? For more options, shop our full collection of designer jewellery and more gifts, including earrings and rings online now.

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Although often viewed as the little sister of the traditional pearl, mother of pearl jewellery is also widely coveted thanks to its one-of-a-kind appearance. A gemstone that works especially well at garden parties, weddings and other outdoor events, accessorise your outfit with a pair of mother of pearl earrings or ring for just a hint of refined glamour!

What is Mother of Pearl?

While pearls and mother of pearl are both formed from the same substance - nacre - the difference between the two stones arises from their placement as they are formed. Mother of pearl forms along the inner linings of molluscs, while pearls are formed deep inside the mollusc. The iridescent mother of pearl layer that forms inside the shell can be skilfully sculpted into cabochons, gemstones that are shaped and polished, making for an interesting and attractive mother of pearl jewellery creations.

Mother of Pearl Jewellery 

Shop our wide mother of pearl jewellery collection available at Joshua James, and find mother of pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in a plethora of stylish designs. If you haven’t found the perfect piece of jewellery in this collection, why not shop more gift options available.