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Nomination Dangle Charms

Create a beautifully dynamic bracelet with our Nomination dangle charms and hanging beads here at Joshua James Jewellery. Adding texture, intrigue and variety to your bracelet, our Nomination hanging charms are the perfect way to offset the refined elegance of your traditional rectangular Nomination charms. Choose from a huge selection of stunning hanging beads crafted in a range of precious metals from sterling silver to rose gold, with many of our Nomination Dangle charms also featuring dazzling elements of cubic zirconia and semi precious stones. Whether you're searching for the next beautiful addition to your own Nomination charm bracelet or if you're looking for gift inspiration for a loved one, our Nomination hanging charms make the perfect, extra special jewellery treat.

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Add some dimension to your classic Nomination charm bracelet with a selection of stunning Nomination dangle charms available at Joshua James. These sweet charms are the perfect gift for all occasions and arrive in a plethora of unique styles to ensure you find the perfect charm to suit every personality, hobby and taste. Explore Nomination hanging charms today, available in both single and double charm options.

Nomination Dangle Charms 

Founded by Paolo Gensini, Nomination is a brand inspired by Italian creativity and its centre of fashion and high-quality craftsmanship. With extensive experience as a goldsmith and metalworker, Gensini followed his dream to create innovative modular jewellery for both men and women. Cementing stainless steel jewellery as an important and fashionable jewellery choice, Nomination jewellery has grown monumentally since its beginnings in the 1980s. 

Nomination Hanging Charms 

Shop a wide range of Nomination hanging charms from Joshua James and add a unique piece to your Nomination charm bracelet. Refresh your bracelet with a Nomination dangle charm, which will add extra sparkle to your jewellery as it catches the light with every movement. For more styles, explore our full collection of Nomination charms and finish your look with Nomination necklaces and earrings available.