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Sapphire Jewellery

From classic blue sapphire earrings set in luxurious white gold to delicate pink sapphire necklaces framed by sparkling diamonds, we stock a beautiful range of sapphire jewellery here at Joshua James. Are you looking to pop that once-in-a-lifetime question? Why not surprise her with an elegant sapphire and diamond ring? Whatever the occasion, this regal gemstone never fails to dazzle and impress with its beautiful tones and sparkle. Sapphire jewellery offers luxury design and elegance perfect for every style and preference, choose something simple with a pop of bright colour or opt for sapphire jewellery more ornate and dazzling. If you haven’t found the perfect piece in our collection of sapphire jewellery, why not explore more precious stone options? Browse ruby and emerald jewellery also online at Joshua James today.

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Throughout our sapphire jewellery collection, you can enjoy this regal gemstone in a variety of beautiful and unique designs. Choose between white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver and even rose gold to ensure that your new sapphire ring, earrings or necklace will perfectly match your personal style!

Sapphire Jewellery

As more and more people seek out an alternative to the traditional diamond, the sapphire has proven itself a worthy contender. Kate Middleton wowed the world with her sapphire and diamond ring back in 2010, and ever since there has been no questioning the quality and elegance of the sapphire engagement ring. A gemstone that is guaranteed to endure the test of time while remaining beautifully blue and vibrant, browse our luxurious selection of sapphire rings to find your perfect everlasting piece. 

Sapphire Rings 

Throughout our sapphire jewellery collection, you can enjoy the regal September birthstone in an array of gorgeous hues. Although deep and entrancing blue is the most common shade associated with this stone, thanks to its links to the royals, it is available in a variety of stunning colours. Shop our full Sapphire jewellery collection online now, or why not browse more precious stones, including ruby and emerald jewellery also available.