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June Birthstone Jewellery

Joshua James understands what remarkably beautiful bespoke jewellery is, especially with unique finishing touches. June birthstone jewellery is just that. With two stunning birthstones to choose from; pearl and amethyst, that is then set in a variety of finishes - from gold and silver to stainless steel, there's a piece of jewellery to commemorate such a special meaning. Pearl has been wildly popular for decades due to its natural beauty, while amethyst adds a feminine touch to jewels. Whether you’re looking for the birthstone for June in a ring, bracelet or charm, June birthstone gifts are completely timeless and can suit any ensemble. Our selection of June birthstone jewellery is available from popular brands, including Chlobo, Claudia Bradby and Nomination.
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June Birthstone Jewellery From Joshua James

Are you a June baby or maybe you know someone who is? Either or, our collection of June birthstone jewellery, including necklaces, rings, earrings, charms and bracelets, is full of vibrance and momentum. Using the stunning gemstones of pearl and amethyst that adorn 925 sterling silver and glistening yellow gold for a truly beautiful combination. A birthstone June means that you can keep the meaning of your Zodiac and gemstone close to you wherever you go. If you're looking for more birthstone jewellery, we have so many pieces to choose from to suit every birth month.

What is the June birthstone?

June has three birthstones. Both the pearl and alexandrite, as well the amethyst are known to resonate with those born in June. The June birthstone colour is either the champagne-based pearl or the stunning lilac hues in the other gemstones. This, paired with some of our finest metals of 925 sterling silver and rose gold, makes for a mesmerising combination. 

June people are known for their charisma, talent and good looks. Often social butterflies, those born in June are natural communicators and can easily grasp somebody's attention.